Vehicle Wrap Pricing

A common question is, “How much does a car wrap cost?” Vehicle wrap prices depend largely on the vehicle. For instance, a Smart Car wrap, Mini Cooper wrap or Scion wrap will be less expensive than a Cargo Van wrap, a Sprinter Wrap or a Box Truck Wrap because less material is required. Ballpark price ranges are $1500-$2700 for small cars, $2200-3100 for standard cars, and $1800-$3500 for van wraps and SUV wraps. The exact pricing will vary based upon the size and type of vehicle, graphic design requirements and desired durability of the wrap. Fleet wrap discounts are offered to our fleet owners. For a specific quote for your vehicle wrap or vehicle graphics, please feel free to contact us at 301-937-3777.

Vehicle Wraps Vs. Other Mediums

How does Vehicle Advertising compare to Other Mediums?

What does each Medium deliver with a $3,000 Investment?


How Cost-Effective is each Medium?


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