Color Change

Color Change

Tired of the color of your car...? One of the most noticeable upgrades you can make to your car is a new color! A color change wrap from RoadRunner Wraps is an alternative for updating your car’s color while also protecting the exterior of the vehicle. From matte white to flat black and every color in between, our color change car wraps transform vehicles from ordinary to extraordinary.

Your Car With a Color Change Wrap

Your vehicle’s paint job will fade and degrade over time... Even if you keep the vehicle in a garage when you’re at home or at work. A color change car wrap is a terrific way to renew your enthusiasm and enjoyment of your vehicle, as well as to try out cool colors you might never otherwise consider. Most vehicle owners who decide on a vehicle color change keep their wrap for many years, but the huge benefit of a wrap is that you’re not completely locked into the color if you want to change it. A car wrap color change can update your car with a new color in a matter of hours (or days, depending on your type of vehicle), but you can always go back to your original color with ease if it turns out fluorescent yellow or bright white isn’t your style. A paint job can at times cost less up front, but you will be paying more than twice as much if you want to go back to the original color! Removing a vinyl wrap is much easier and faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of a Vehicle Wrap Color Change

A wrap is the ideal way to update the look of your vehicle and cover up an old paint job. However, you can also protect your vehicle with a vinyl wrap. Here are a few benefits of working with RoadRunner Wraps to create a completely new and memorable look for your vehicle:

  • A wrap will last and look excellent for several years
  • A vehicle color change can help you maintain your car’s resale value
  • A color change wrap is a terrific way to try a new, cool look
  • A car wrap color change is easy to remove at any time
  • Vehicle color change wraps are available in a wide array of cool colors

Did you buy your car used because you got a great deal, but you weren’t particularly pleased with the color? A vehicle color change might be the best way to get the exact color you always wanted for your vehicle. Perhaps you want to make sure your vehicle has the best possible resale value. A car wrap color change is protection you need for your vehicle.

Painting Your Vehicle or Getting a Color Change Wrap

There are a variety of other reasons to choose a wrap over a traditional paint job. With a wrap, you can change the color of your car to a crazy hue and not worry about having problems when you resell the vehicle in a few years.

Additionally, a color change wrap is the ideal way to protect your vehicle’s paint job when you lease a car. The dealership will look for damage and wear when you turn the vehicle in at the end of your lease, and a vinyl color change wrap will protect the car for the duration of your lease. The best part is that it’s easily removable when you no longer need the wrap.

Choose RoadRunner Wraps for Your Color Change Car Wrap

Have you always wanted to try a vehicle color change but haven’t wanted to deal with the expense of a full paint job? A car wrap color change is the perfect way to get the exact color you want for your vehicle while also enjoying a slew of additional benefits.


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