Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle Wraps are dramatic, traffic-stopping, full-color digital images printed on vinyl adhesive and installed over your vehicle’s existing paint job to produce an extremely powerful advertising message. Maintaining a fleet of vehicles takes time and money, and it’s essential that you maintain the exterior of your vehicles as much as you maintain what’s under the hood. Fleet vehicle wraps from RoadRunner Wraps provide your business with a sleek and professional experience whether you have just a few vans or an extensive fleet of trucks. If you want to present the best image possible with your company, a custom vinyl fleet wrap is an excellent way to accomplish that goal. At RoadRunner Wraps, we’ve put fleet vehicle wraps on just about every type of fleet car, truck, van, and trailer on the road. We can help you design a terrific custom vinyl graphic for your fleet.

A First Impression is Everything in Business

You’ve probably seen dozens – or even hundreds – of FedEx trucks and UPS trucks on the road, and it’s easy to recognize the “big brown truck” that marks a vehicle as a UPS truck or the gleaming white FedEx truck with its commanding graphic printed on the side of the truck. That’s the sort of visual recognition you can strive toward when you choose RoadRunner Wraps to design and install your fleet graphics. If you own a business where deliveries are common or are a daily occurrence, you definitely want to make sure your fleet looks professional and that it’s easy to tell which business your trucks belong to. You have endless options for your custom vinyl fleet, and the expert technicians at RoadRunner Wraps can offer advice on the design and implementation of your new fleet graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Custom Vinyl Fleet Graphics for Your Business

You already know that a fleet with custom graphics helps ensure your business presents a professional persona to the public, but there are several additional benefits you may enjoy with fleet wraps for your company cars, trucks, or vans:

  • Build interest in your company through mobile advertising
  • Change, modify, or update your fleet wraps with ease
  • Protect the exterior of your fleet from sun damage and tagging
  • Advertise special events with temporary vinyl fleet graphics
  • Boost the effectiveness of your overall marketing budget

It’s essential that you build trust with your customers, and you have a better chance of gaining a positive first impression with new clients when their goods arrive in a truck that features a professional, modern, and sleek fleet vehicle wrap.

Perhaps you run a catering business and use large SUVs for your small fleet of catering vehicles. Your clients don’t want to receive their catered food from a dirty truck that’s covered in dents and looks like it’s seen better days. Even if your fleet isn’t brand new, a custom vinyl fleet wrap can dress up even the most basic and humble vehicle.

Let RoadRunner Wraps Create Your New Custom Fleet Vehicle Wraps

Impress your customers with a fleet that looks fantastic and matches from top to bottom. Serving businesses in Baltimore, MD and Washington D.C., RoadRunner Wraps will help create a professional look for your vehicle fleet whether you have two small company trucks or a huge fleet of company vehicles.


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