Trailer Wraps

Trailer Wraps

Vehicle Wraps are dramatic, traffic-stopping, full-color digital images printed on vinyl adhesive and installed over your vehicle’s existing paint job to produce an extremely powerful advertising message. When you use a trailer for your business, you have access to an incredibly valuable mobile billboard each time your truck hits the road. Whether you make local deliveries around your town of 10,000 inhabitants, or you drive throughout the Baltimore and Washington D.C. region, your trailer is the best way to get your company's logo, tagline, and contact information in front of the eyes of thousands – or even hundreds of thousands – of potential customers. With trailer wraps from RoadRunner Wraps, you’ll enjoy using a trailer that looks professional and reflects positively on the reputation and quality of your business. Even though your drivers might resent sitting in traffic, using a trailer with custom-designed trailer wrap graphics from RoadRunner Wraps is the ideal way to advertise to a captive audience. Whether they realize it or not, the people who are sitting in cars during rush hour traffic are consuming a fair amount of advertising, and you can use trailer graphics from RoadRunner Wraps to your great advantage for advertising, marketing, and name recognition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Benefits of Trailer Graphics on Your Vehicles

You might already have a simple graphic displayed on your trailer: perhaps you have the name of your business and your company’s phone number, or the website address printed on the side, or a small logo printed on the door of your vehicle. These basic graphics are valuable for your business – and RoadRunner Wraps can certainly oblige if you wish to create a subtle graphic for your trailer.

There are several benefits of having professional trailer graphics installed on your trailer:

  • Large, custom graphics are memorable and eye-catching. If you want people to notice your graphics and the name of your business, you can’t go wrong with a large and vibrant tractor trailer wrap.
  • A full trailer wrap is removable and updatable. You can advertise an event or special with your trailer wrap. Unlike painted graphics, trailer wraps are easily removable at any time when you want to update your logo or advertise a new product.
  • Vehicle graphics help your company stand out. How many nondescript buses do you see on the road each day? How many trailers? Make sure everyone knows your company is on the road with a unique and customized trailer wrap.
  • Trailer wraps protect your company’s investment. A full-size trailer or tractor trailer is a huge investment for any company. A vehicle wrap not only boosts your company’s name recognition, but it protects the vehicle underneath the wrap.
  • Wraps reach different audiences from newspapers. A newspaper advertisement is part of a comprehensive marketing plan, but you can reach more eyes when you use your trailer in a highly populated area like the Washington D.C. metro area.

Boost Your Visibility and Range with Trailer Wraps from RoadRunner Wraps

Ensure your company’s vehicles look sleek and professional whether you have an entire fleet and require several tractor trailer wraps or you have just a single trailer and need our custom trailer graphics. RoadRunner Wraps will ensure your advertising dollars go as far as possible with a high-quality, professionally installed trailer wrap.


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